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About Pho Crimson

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11am - 9pm

Welcome to Pho Crimson. We are excited to bring Pho to the West Village Uptown area in a fast and convenient location situated off of I-75 South and Blackburn St. Pho Crimson specializes in traditional Vietnamese cuisine; from fresh spring rolls and hearty soups, to rice and noodle dishes with succulent grilled meats.

Pho, the national dish of Vietnam, is our signature specialty: gluten-free rice noodles served in a slow-simmered beef consume with your choice of rare steak, cooked brisket, and or meatballs. All soups are served with a fresh side of basil, lime, chilis and bean sprouts to make your bowl "pho-tastic"!

Pho Crimson Cafe

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Our Address
3000 Blackburn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
P: 4695475443

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